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The HPB Agriculture Project is a new type structure developed by our company since 2018.The HPB basalt profile is used to erect the structure.It has two types of column and no column,which is suitable for the actual situation.The top is roughly divided into three types: dome, spire and with vents, and flexible design schemes for application areas. At present, our company is in the process of joining the Korean agricultural project standards for HPB structure and greenhouse film. 

In December 2019, EZ GREENTECH INC with South Korea HPB project partners came to China and visited our company,discussed in-depth project promotion issues with our development and design team. In January of the following year, a professor and research team from AnDong National University came to our company to inspect and understand the new type of HPB agricultural structure, and organized a trip to the Linzi Huangcheng agricultural demonstration base to learn about the local agricultural greenhouse structure and film.

Totally, compared with the steel structure system, the new type of HPB structure is stronger and more adaptable to the global multilateral climate environment. In addition, the wind load and snow load of our newly developed PETO film are higher than the general film.We believe this new type of HPB structure has broad development prospects in agricultural projects and other applications.

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